Wednesday, 30 June 2010

More VidSynth Pictures

heres a shot of the video synth as it is today - its leaning against the effects rack with the old modular synth on top.
the three modules running across the top of the cabinet are the oscillators. they are based on the venerable and much loathed XR8038 chip. i like it. the flux capacitor shaped module in the centre is a 3 channel arbitrary function generator and the one to the left is a 3 by 3 mixer matrix. heres a pic of the guts of one of the VCOs
a note about the jacks - they're not BNCs but frankly i dont care. it works. the hookup wire is RG178 super skinny video coax. pots and switches are surplus from somewhere or other, and the pcb is home made. note the extra capacitors tacked on the board for more power supply goodness. yay prototypes...

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