Wednesday, 30 June 2010


heres a shot of the synth that made the previous screenshots ..
its a large format modular synth that has been built over the last ten years. its mostly based on EFM circuits and CEM chip applications notes. the EFM modules are remarkably adept at working at frequencies far exceeding the audio bands... well, the ones that didnt explode due to user error are anyways...
the video encoding hardware is in a seperate rack that consists of various 99p ebay bargains - broadcast grade rgb to pal, component to pal and pal to everything encoders and decoders, 2 sync pulse generators, various genlocks, mixers, switchers, VDA's and an oscilloscope. ebay rocks.
its a great time to pick stuff like this up on ebay. all the pro broadcast facilities in the UK are dumping their analogue gear as the digital switch-over approaches. a lot of it ends up on ebay, where it generally goes for bugger all & buyer collects. as most of the facilities are based in London, its not hard to cycle down to Soho with a backpack and a shiny one pound coin to pick up, for instance, an NTSC sync generator full of Sandin IP MC1445 video multiplier chips....

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