Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I am Moving House

and moving into temporary accomodation for a bit. there is unlikely to be much happening here for the next month or so, as i am currently living in a shoebox till i move to a Proper House. not really enough space to wave a soldering iron around without setting fire to something. see you later..

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Power Supplies

the spec for the synth's PSU is a s follows:

type: Linear, triple output, regulated.
output 1: 12 volts @ 1 amps
output 2: 12 volts @ 1 amps
output 3: 5 volts at 0.5 amps.

obviously, you could use a +/-12V and another 5 volt supply, or get one that does them all. i reckon a common everyday AT style pc switchmode PSU will also do the job, but i havent tested one. an ATX one will also probably work, but youll have to figure out how to fool it into thinking its plugged into a pc motherboard first. i think you have to short a couple of pins on the big connector together to switch one on.. i leave that up to you, because i dont like switchmode supplies for reliability reasons. salvageing an old linear supply from a junked bit of equipment will also probably be a good route to go down...
be seeing you


Q: but how much does it cost?

A: about 450 pounds. ive been going through my accounts, and thats what it cost me to obtain enough pots, jacks, ics, and boxes etc to build the whole thing. its only 40% complete so far, but at least it wont cost any more to complete..
be seeing you