Friday, 27 May 2011

Some Changes to the Plan.

In light of having had the synth for a year now and gained some operational experience with it, Ive come up with some modifications to the system that ill be implementing.
1- ill be removing the sync input jacks from the VCOs, and bussing the various sync signals around internally, with a rotary switch to select sync source. this is because the 2 oscillator designs require sync pulses of different polarities, and thats a bit confusing for live performance.
2 - im adding dedicated, individual modulation oscillators to the 8038 oscillator panels so that more complex RGB synthesis can be achieved. you can never have too many oscillators, and i keep running out.
3 - im adding dedicated H and V timing ramps to the SPG module, for doing vector rescanning. this will avoid having to use 2 vcos to do the job as i currently have to.
4 - im redesigning the 3 by 3 mixer for a wider bandwidth. more on the subject of bandwidth later.
be seeing you,