Monday, 17 October 2011

new stuff

ive been away from teh internetz for a while. but i have been busy. looky---->
i played a gig, which prompted me to not sleep and solder alot in order to have something worth showing. so the synth is now way bigger. 6 oscillators, mixer, rgb and sync interface, dual comparators and a freshly finished cabinet. and an ms10, all sitting on top of my old diy audio modular. and a bloody great big TV. and a camera. it was at the Vanguard Exhibition in East London, and was it was a great experience. im hoping to get some video from the gig soon, but otherwise here are some stills from some recent home jams:

fractal feedback

comparators and camera feedback:

and some straight RGB mixing of waveforms:
the comparator module is new, and great fun. im still tweaking it, but i hope to have it finished and a schematic up soon. also i have just completed the RGB and Sync interface module, which also needs a bit of work. lots of bleed due to unshielded 'done in a hurry due to impending gig' wiring. doh.
be seeing you

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