Tuesday, 8 March 2011

3 by 3 Mixer Matrix

theres 3 of these in one module. the attenuverting input channels (theres three on each mixer board, and 3 boards, so 9 inputs in total) are wired so that all 3 inputs on mixer 2 and mixer 3 are normalled to mixer 1s inputs. so you can set up some pretty crazy RGB mixes and feedback loops with only a small number of inputs. each mixer also has a DC bias and an output gain control, (voltage gain of 1 to 10 times) and also a paralleled output for feedback loops. this isnt buffered, and probably should be...

UPDATE 20110310:
I found some more files - this appears to be the PCB image i made mine from. the quote on the PCB is a Coil lyric. most of my PCBs have a Coil reference on them.. I generally design freehand PCB images in MS Paint whilst i think up the schematic in my head, then build them, then draw a schematic. ill have to reverse engineer my own synth in order to draw up a parts placement pic which might take a while, sorry...

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