Saturday, 3 July 2010

A post about the chassis design.

the chassis for all the modules is very simple: its a piece of plywood with these aluminium boxes from Maplin's screwed to them. the PCBs and controls are mounted in the removable lid, thus making it fully modular. power cabling runs along the back of the plywood which also gives extra mounting space for power supplies, sync distro, etc. i put it together of a couple of hours, so its really very easy to build too. i guess i should draw up some proper plans and post them somewhen soon.

its a very strong but lightweight system, and as all the modules are sheilded from each other with at least 2 thicknesses of well grounded aluminium between them im hoping it should also provide excellent RF shielding. my 12 module unit cost me less than £100 to put together, including a load of 40mm aluminium angle (3mm thick) that ill make rack ears out of. it doesnt fit in a standard 19 inch rack, but i can make whatever wooden case to go around the main unit as and when i feel like it and use standard rack mounting strips to hold it in place.

i have many audio analog synth pcb's that have been waiting to be cased. ill use this method with them as well.

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